Who We Are – Beina Maintenance & Reliability Services LLC™

Who We Are

Beina Maintenance & Reliability Services LLC Is A Nigerian Company With Big Dreams Engaged In Consultancy And Training Mainly In Reliability And Maintenance Engineering.
We Offer Consultancy And Certification Training In Reliability, Maintenance, Quality, Engineering HR And Project Management.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s First Choice And Benchmark Maintenance And Reliability Training And Consulting Provider.

Our Mission

Through The Implementation Of Engineering Solutions, Training, Learning, Coaching And Mentorship, We Will Deliver World Class Services That Will Give The Greatest Possible Value, Helping Individuals And Organizations Reach Their Desired Capacity Building Goals Faster, Better And Safer….”

Our Core Values

Passion, Integrity, Learning, Professionalism, Sharing And Fairness

Our Motto

Global Quality Made In Nigeria!

Why Choose Us?

We Pride Ourselves As Providing Global Quality,Made In Nigeria And We Have Started To Capture The African Market Gradually But Surely Through Technology,Innovation And Product & Service Quality.
We Are Committed To Helping At Least 100 Professionals Attain Quality And Engineering Certifications In The Next 3 Years.

Our Solutions





Our Expertise

Reliability Management

Maintenance Management

Asset Management

Quality & Safety Management