Certificate Courses – Beina Maintenance & Reliability Services LLC™

The Current Rise In The Rate Of Unemployement In Nigeria, Has Been Largely Due To The Great Disconnect Between Our Educational System And The Need Of The Current Workplace.

Alot Of Our Graduates Have Gone Through The Four Walls Of Our Higher Institutions, But Only Acquired Theoretical Skills That Are Not Really Relevant To The Realities Of The Current Workplace, And This Has Made Millions Of Graduates Unemployable.

This Courses Are Targeted At Closing These Skill Gaps. By Providing Relevant Knowledge, That Will Close This Gaps And Provide Graduates With The Basic And Relevant Skills They Will Need To Excel In The Work Place And Ace Any Interview They Attend.

These Courses Covers;

  • Practical Workplace Leadership Essentials
  • Basics Of Maintenance And Reliability Engineering.
  • Profitable Business Management Techniques. ( SMEs And Employees)

And Lots More!

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